Friday, June 27, 2014

Sunny With a Chance of Everything

I have been absent for a bit. So let's play catch up shall we? In no particular order here is life as of late:

-Joe was hooded for his PhD. It was awesome and also way too hot outside and I had to nurse Finn and we both were sweating and got a bit crabby. But it was great.

-Finn & I went to Michigan and my brothers (minus one) and sisters and my aunt and my cousin and my grandparents and some friends got to meet Finny. I got to meet my older brother's new girlfriend and he seems so happy so I am SO happy. My grandma was in the hospital and it was sad but I am so glad she and my grandpa got to meet Finn. They both loved him so much and it meant a lot to me. And my aunt & cousin loved him too and that meant a lot to me. I got to see my nephew and the poor sweetie broke his leg and it broke my heart. I spent some amazing time with my siblings and my parents and I am SO, SO, SO glad we went back for the week with them. I got to see so many good friends and introduce Finn to them and it was amazing. Such an amazing trip and I realized how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life who love me and now my son.

-I have been working as much as I can and Joe has too and we're still broke. Frustrating but we will make it through.

-Joe keeps job searching like mad and we are waiting to hear back and hopefully get some good news.

-I chopped 14" off of my hair and donated it. It felt really good to finally be able to donate my hair and it felt really good to lose all of that extra hair weight! My hair is so thick and it was so long it was giving me migraines so this helped me out a lot and I get to gift my hair to someone who wants and needs it. Plus my sister cut it into such a cute faux-bob and I love it.

-Joe completed his defense of his thesis and was officially given his PhD with his expertise being on Hopf Algebra. I am so proud of him. He is amazing and I am so glad we made it through this journey to doctorhood together. He is now officially Dr. Joe!

-The little gal I help babysit had her 4th birthday party yesterday and it was adorable! It was Pixar themed and there was a cute Mike Wazowski piƱata and a little show with music from Cars, Nemo, Brave, Toy Story, etc. It was adorable. We also had a birthday dinner with her on her birthday last week where she requested that Joe make "Tiana's Gumbo" which was really vegan jambalaya and then she hated it. It was kind of hilarious. All of the adults and her 2 year old brother loved it but she ate turkey and cupcakes for dinner instead. Haha!

-I finally signed up for more classes at Second City Hollywood. Starting next week I take Long Form Improv 1 and Writing a Pilot. I'm super excited to get back into imrpov and I'm excited to start a writing class so I can get better with that and maybe (FINALLY) write the movie & tv show ideas out that have been swimming in my head for years and years. Hooray for classes!

-My grandma is not doing well. She was in the hospital for a week when I was in Michigan, she came home and was falling a lot due to her blood pressure bottoming out, she went back to the hospital for 2 days this past week, now they are saying it may be renal failure which means she doesn't have much time. I am honestly so sad. We reconnected about 5 years ago and I'm so glad we did and I am just so sad. I feel like it hasn't been enough time to this new-found relationship with her and my grandpa. I just want her to be well. I want Finn to know them. My heart is honestly so sad. I just really hope she feels better. She sounds so exhausted now talking to her and my heart just breaks. I'm just honestly really, really sad about it.

-Another loved one of mine is waiting for testing to find out if she has ovarian cancer. This is so frightening and worrisome. My heart is breaking for her. I have no idea what to do or say but I just want to envelope her in a huge hug until all the testing is done. My heart hurts for her. A lot.

-Someone I helped get a reservation on my restaurant sent me a 50 minute massage as a thank you, it was such a lovely surprise! I am so grateful to get a little relaxation sent my way after this very hard past 2 weeks. I need it!

-Joe submitted his thesis this morning so there is officially nothing left that he has to do for his PhD. WOOT.

So that is about it. I'm just really sad lately thinking about those I care about hurting and suffering in medical doubt. I have lived that too long myself and it hurts me knowing they're hurting and scared. I just wish I could make it all better. I'm really looking forward to the massage tomorrow, I am just sad and stressed and worried for those I love and I know it is affecting my back, shoulders, and jaw. It'll be good to get that release. Hope you are all well dear chickens! Enjoy some pics of my little nugget.


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