Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sunny With A Chance of Baby Obsession!

Alright, I confess, I'm obsessed with my son. I'm back to work from 9am-2pm but the rest of the time is spent loving up on Finny. Don't get me wrong, we have MAJOR frustrations on the regular but I cannot stop loving up on this kiddo. He is too delicious for words. My folks came out from MI and they too are now obsessed with him. He's so sweet and cute and curious and smart and, well, just delicious.

 I mean, how cute is he? He is a giant of curse. At his one month check up he was already 12lbs. 8oz. and 24.25"! Such a tall guy. I love him like crazy. He is in a growth spurt again too because he wants to feed all the time and my poor boobs are killing me from it. I am really glad to be exclusively breastfeeding but they do not tell you how sensitive your boobs become and how everything from a cold breeze to a speed bump can KILL them. Oof. And sleep is crazy right now. He won't go to sleep until 1 or 2 am then gives me a good 2-5 hours, then feeds, then sleeps for 2 hours, then feeds, the sleeps and this cycle happens all day until about 5pm and then he's up for the day until the wee hours. Now that I'm back to work that makes for a sleepy mama. It's much better though now that he can sleep for a 5 hour stretch. I was going insane those first few weeks. That is why having my folks here was extra amazing. Not only did they meet Finn but they helped and let me eat a full meal and take naps. It was heaven.

We also went up to Santa Barbara with my folks which was gorgeous and such a lovely time. We're trying to convince them to move up there so we can visit all the time! It would be perfect and then Finny could see them regularly.

I mean how gorgeous is that for the end of February/beginning of March?! And it was 70s the whole time. My parents were pretty happy to get out of the polar vortex into the sunshine and warm weather.

That's my quickie update for now. Finn is perfect and I love him. Hope all is well with you dear chickens!


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