Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunny With A Chance of Heatwave & MI Trip Pics

So we are back in Los Angeles, yay! It is also hotter than hades, UGH! We've been taking it pretty easy since we've been back but I'm working on getting a new job, Joe's looking at new apartments for us, and we've been calling hotels in Mount Pleasant to book blocks of rooms for our October Anniversary Party. So easy but kinda busy via phone and internet.

We had a busy but fun time in Michigan. Here are some pics of our visit:

That adorable little bug is my nephew, whom I am in love with. He took two naps in my arms whilst we listened to (and I sang) Disney songs. The kid knows what's up, I'm just saying. Joe and the pups fell in love with him too. This is the only small child that Zebbie has ever liked and not barked at (he gave him so many little kisses on his feet and hands and twice on his ears which my nephew was not so much a fan of). My little mustache man kept petting Colonel Mustard and trying to crawl to him. He has rolling over down but crawling not so much yet. He's almost there though! We got to see my cousins (on both sides), my grandparents, my cousins' kids (on both sides), Joe's folks & his sister, loads of old friends that we reconnected with. I even got together with a couple gals I was good pals with back in elementary school and had a huge Parkdale reunion. That was amazing and so great to catch up with the ladies as adults and recall all our ridiculous kids' stories!

It was also so great to see old MHS Drama Club pals celebrate our teacher & director as she retired. It was covered by the local paper but it was so amazing just to be there and share that night with her and with my fellow former drama club kids. We laughed, we reconnected, we remembered, it was so lovely and touching. It reminded me what such a lovely family we were and are still. It also broke my heart that one of our members recently lost his life, he was one of the first to welcome me to the Drama Club, to make me feel apart of that family, to be a friend and pal to me, and to make me feel accepted into the world where I felt I belonged. My heart still aches that he is no longer with us. So many pictures were there, so many folks sent in videos about our Mrs. L that made me cry, Mrs. L spoke and it really made me cry. I'm just so happy that I could be there. I also got to have lunch with an old MHS DC member and pal and meet her adorable daughter for lunch. It was amazing to see her again, to see her sweet Mama skills, and to catch up & reconnect! Such a great time. :D

So there is my trip. My surprise is coming soon, just waiting on a few pics from my pal Karri. Cannot wait to show you our pics and thus, our surprise. Hope all is well with you dear chickens! Coming next is a delicious recipe review from Joe & I on a vegan delight from our "Betty Goes Vegan" cookbooks that we are OBSESSED with! :D



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