Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunny With A Chance of Road Trip!

Today we leave on a road trip back to Michigan to see family and friends for the 4th. We're gone 2 weeks and I really am excited to get back (though I could do without the humidity). So many things are happening right now it'll be nice to get a bit of a break! What's going on you ask?

1) I interviewed for a job as an assistant to an agent, I really hope I get it. They seem like amazing people and a really awesome office! My friend hooked me up with the interview and I just hope I shined enough to get the gig!

2) Joe and I are looking for a bigger place to live. My sister is most likely moving out here with us so we're looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment/townhouse/house! We need more space with 3 humans and 2 dogs, this 1 bedroom just isn't cutting it. So now we need a safe, spacious, and affordable place to live. Anyone able to help us find something like that here in the Los Angeles area?

3) We have a surprise coming up that I am busting to tell everyone but for now, mums the word. So excited for July to get here so I can surprise people. Who doesn't love surprises? Unless you're on the Ellen show and she scares you, that might not be the favorite kind of surprise. Although I do love scaring people, of Ellen you just get me so much.

4) I am creating my wedding part 2 website with a pal who is an amazing web designer and I am so excited for what he is whipping up! It is going to be AMAZING! Also the party in October is going to be so much fun! We cannot wait! Part of this trip back to MI is to get things cemented like the tents, tables, chairs, etc. Exciting stuff!

5) My first pup Colonel Mustard has his 3 year "Gotcha Day" coming up in August-I cannot believe it has already been 3 years since we got out nugget! Zebbie just had his 1 Year "Gotcha Day" in April and it just feels like time is flying with our 2 pups. I love these little guys SO much!

That's about it, it just feels like a lot since I'm now trying to get back to normal after being on disability so long. It is just a lot! Hope all is well with you dear chickens!


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