Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rainy With a Chance of Self-Butt-Kicking

Okay, I have been way busy but I've also been way easy on letting myself make excuses for not "having the time" to do something and that needs to stop. In particular with regards to this blog, my acting career, and exercise. I need to kick my own butt into gear. But I also want to be honest about it all so here goes.

I am super duper busy. Crazy busy. I am working 40 hours a week, going to Improv class Monday nights, Interning Wednesday nights, Stage Managing a play Friday & Saturday nights as well as Sunday early afternoon, actor group meeting every other week, swimming 1-4 a week, etc. That's a lot, so sometimes I let myself take the easy way outta doing stuff and I need to stop!

This blog. I love it, I do. And I want to pour more time into it but at the end of the day when I'm tired I just don't. Instead I go lay in bed watch something on Netflix instant and fall asleep. I need to give myself 30 minutes to this blog a day. MINIMUM. No excuses. I love the weekly schedule. I might even jazz it up a little because I had SO much fun doing recipes during vegan MoFo in October I want a day for vegan foods! This is a must in my schedule and I need to treat it as such!

My acting career. I have joined an actor group to help me hold me accountable for my goals (setting them accomplishing them). I think this will help a lot but I need to make sure that I am doing something every day to get out of this "pay the bills" job and into my acting CAREER. Notice the difference. One is a job, the other a career. I need to make it the most important thing and I haven't been because well I've been too stressed about finances. Instead of putting my dream first I've been putting money first. And while, yes, I need money to survive and to pay for the apartment, car, insurances, food, etc. I need to be giving my career weight too. And I haven't been. So no more of that my lord, no more of that!

Exercise. I hate it. Well not really. I love having done it. And most times even during the process I enjoy myself. But I loathe going to exercise. It is like pulling teeth to get me to the pool or the gym or the pilates studio. It really is. If I'm tired I rationalize that sleep is better than working out. If I'm not feeling well then I should just lay down & sleep instead of working out. Basically it all comes down to sleep or exercise and I ALWAYS choose sleep. I thought I helped myself out a little by joining a Master Swimmers team and paying for it and then a friend joined and we were swimming together. But some days our schedules don't match and this week things came up and I had 2 scheduled swim times with her and didn't swim either! I need to stop with this, my health NEEDS to be important to me. I have an f-ed up back that needs attention, I have weight that I want to lose to help with that, I have family history of diabetes and high blood pressure. I do not want to allow myself to make excuses for not working out. So hopefully by saying this out loud (well out loud on this blog) I am helping kick my own butt into gear on this. I am also planning to schedule swim times & find a buddy to be accountable to on the East Coast so they can call my ass and wake me up (7am here is 10am there so it'll be easy on them time wise since they will already be up). I need to make this happen. I no longer want to allow myself to be physically lazy. I think I want to have Joe, Colonel Mustard and I go hiking too on the weekends so all 3 of us can get outdoors and work out together which will make it more fun than a chore.

So my dear chickens I am sorry that there was no CM Monday or TCM Tuesday post. But this is a Good for MY world Wednesday post. Perhaps these goal setting adventures of mine will help you set some G.F.Your.W goals as well. :D

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