Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of Pasta Salad

Good for the world Wednesday is here and I want to encourage all of you to eat locally and seasonally so I though I would share one of my favorite summer staples to eat in hot weather so that I am full but not over-heated by hot food. I give you my pasta salad recipe!

-1 lb. your favorite type & shape of pasta (I like rotini or farfalle wheat pasta for this)
-1-1 cucumbers peeled, sliced length wise, seeds scooped out, then cut into thin half moons.
-1 small red onion diced
-black olives sliced
-sliced green chilis
-1-3 carrots peeled & thinly sliced
-artichoke hearts
-handful of shredded green & purple cabbage
-salt & freshly ground pepper
-crushed red pepper flake
-basil, parsley, parika
-italian dressing (you can cheat and get store bought or make your own!)

cook the pasta in salted water, drain, let cool, toss into large mixing bowl. slice veggies up. toss all ingredients in the large bowl. allow to refrigerate for 30-60 minutes. EAT THAT UP!!!

It's so super quick and easy. You add whatever veggies you like that are local (we get ours from our local Hollywood Farmers Market) and in season for the summer. Bonus is that it is cold and filling. Plus it stores well and tastes great as left overs! Go and eat some "picnic" dinner as I like to call it! :D

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