Thursday, July 21, 2011

90 Degrees With a Chance of Shrek the Musical!

Y'all there has been some major theatre in my life this week! It has been AMAZING and just what the doctor ordered to relieve this stress from work & finances.

So last Monday (7/11/11) I saw my friend John Roy perform his new routine to be taped for Comedy Central at a local Hollywood bar. There were some HUGE comic peeps there (Maria Bamford & Steve Agee to name a couple). It was free, SO hilarious, and a huge stress reliever. Plus John was amazing (as always) and I was so proud to be there to support him!

Last Tuesday (7/12/11) my dear sister from another mister Heather Olt performed her cabaret show Believe it or Not, It's Just Me at the same local Hollywood bar. It was STUPENDOUS! She looked, sang, and wise-cracked magnificently. It was another fun stress-free night. Joe & I are so lucky to have such wonderful & super talented friends!!

This past Sunday (7/17/11) Joe and I went to an 11AM showing of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part was. so. AWESOME. We had the movie theatre pretty much to ourselves to cuddle and sip root beer (best movie time ever) and the film was epic. Even Joe said it was one of his fave Harry flicks. Just an all around great way to start our sleepy Sunday morning!

Then Sunday night Heather took me to see Shrek! The Musical at the Pantages theater and it was so funny and cute and a wonderful break from life. They had great little shout outs to other big Broadway musicals and cute things from the movie but it had SO MUCH MORE! It was just wonderful and we followed the show up with $3 beers from Dillon's next door on Vine. Who could ask for a better date right?!

So my friends, do yourself (and your elevated stress levels if you're like me right now) and go take yourself to a good show (comedy, cabaret, movie, musical, play, whatever) with a friend or you boo and have a fantastical night (or morning) off from life! You deserve it! ;)

Take care chickens!

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