Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a Spoonful of Sugar...

So yesterday was amazing! I took the day off work and my bf and I spent the day with our friends Kari and her DH. We had huge breakfast chimichangas with them. Then went to the LA Kings hockey game and then had a grill-out with them. It was just delightful! It was so nice to hang with friends, eat good food, watch a game, and throw back a few drinks.

And it was a gray day here in LA so no work today and I spent the day watching movies with my bf (after his soccer game that is). It was nice to have a whole weekend to spend with Joe and to be comfortable and to be free of negative energy. :D I watched '9 to 5' and 'Whatever Works'. The first is a fave of mine (and felt right on track with my work situation) and the second has been not great. I don't know-I'm just not a Woody Allen fan. I know loads of people of love him as a director but I keep giving him a fair shake and he just keeps letting me down. :( Joe and I watched 'The Ugly Truth' (alright movie, Gerard Butler is gorgeous), 'I Love You, Man' (pretty silly but I like it), and 'Yes Man' (okay film, I love Rhys Darby [Murray from Flight of the Conchords] so I loved it for him). Pretty busy day huh? Poor Joe got a migraine after 'Yes Man' though and went to bed then I got a tummy ache. Then Joe had his own little Big Carl "poop episode" minus the poop though.

He went to lay down for a nap to help with his migraine. I brought him some water (he gets headaches when he gets dehydrated) and he fell asleep for an hour whilst I watched "Whatever Works". Then I heard him start to scream like he was being injured or killed. I ran to the bedroom door flung it open to reveal him in bed yelling that there were green wiggly things coming out of the light bulbs. I just had to laugh. He had a bad dream and had been screaming from that. How very BC of him right? Screaming bloody murder about green things that weren't there. Too cute! He does things like this though. Talks in his sleep. Yells in his sleep. Jerks awake like he is going to punch someone out and then realizes he was dreaming. He always wakes me up in the middle of a deep sleep with one of these episodes. But they are pretty few and far between. This one was just so hilarious because it was his little nap and I was awake. Must just be funnier since I wasn't in the middle of sleeping.

His little sleep freak-outs just make me love him all the more. He's just the cutest. And has been so frigging supportive for me through all this work stuff. He just reminds me every single day he loves me and thinks that I'm beautiful. That nobody can make his "Moneypenny" feel bad (that's our nick-name for each other, we both think we're the James Bond in the relationship but I mean, c'mon, math geek Joe=the Moneypenny). I just love him SO much!

Okay enough mushy-ness. Tomorrow is another day. Of work. Ha! Have a good week my loves! :D

P.S. Julie Andrews came into my job. She is the epitome of class and grace. Even in a ball cap and sweater around her shoulders. LOVE HER! Sean William Scott also came in and may I just say that his parents have done an AMAZING job on raising him. He is just so polite and sweet and kind. Love him too! I don't usually gush about my celeb encounters but these two were on the level of when I met Meryl Streep and Al Pacino. Too fantastic not to gush a little ;)

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  1. Julie Andrews? How did I not hear about this? I love her