Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adventures in Dog-sitting!

So I am pup sitting for the week for my good friends over at My Life With Dogs and already it has been a fun go of it. :D

First of all I love these pups! They are the two sweetest (and for the most part) well-behaved pits ever and now with their third Big Carl it's been a funny two days. Big Carl is picking up on all the little mannerisms his two big sisters have. He is super rambunctious and curious and playful whenever Mesa is and is now getting super jealous if anyone gets any attention other than him like Baily does. And when we all walk he has to sniff every place those two do. It's just so funny and cute!

Now since it's rainy they are snuggled on top of me on top of the couch, it's super cute. It's the perfect weather for it though :)

This has been a busy week but I'm plugging along. I'm working a lot at both my jobs, still not sure if I'm going to lose the one but we'll see how it all goes. I'm just doing all I can to save as much money up as possible before I possibly lose it so I can have my rent, etc. taken care of if the income stops.

Joe and I got to spend our first Sunday morning together in awhile, I always work Sunday brunch so it was nice to spend the morning with him. We went to the Sunday Hollywood Farmer's Market and got loads of fresh herbs, strawberries, veggies, and cheese, It was so much fun! Loads of free samples of delicious fresh foods and then I bought us a gyro for lunch-it was SO tasty! Then we went to the Sunday flea Market on Melrose and Fairfax (at the little high school there) and we found a vendor who makes tables, desks, etc. from reclaimed lumber. So we talked with him and ending up getting a kitchen table and 2 "Long Island Boot Benches" for a steal! And the man delivered them to us that night-it was perfect!

We also watched a movie (Tango & Cash-I'd never seen it, it was pretty ridiculous) and then walked and played with my friend Meghan's little dog Mimi. She is a hoot. Such a little purse dog but she has this one toy, a stuffed monkey, and she beat up on that thing while we were there like a big dog would. It was the funniest thing (and super adorable)!

We had friends for dinner. Joe made homemade pesto and I made homemade spicy puttanesca and we both made a salad together. Then Joe made a lemon zabiliogne to go with our fresh strawberries. And our friends brought wine and chocolate and bacon brownies. It was so much fun! The perfect way to spend a Sunday off! :D

Now it's just back to the grindstone. Watching these three pups, I'll be walking Mimi the pup this week too, and my two jobs which I've been working at both pretty much everyday. We'll see if I get any sleep ever, oh and I think I have a cold coming on too. Oh well, what can I do?

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  1. the terrible trio will make sure you get lots of cuddles to feel better soon!