Sunday, December 13, 2009

"What did they hit you with? Whatever it was it was hard"

I had a pretty good day at work today. Mandy kept me positive and we projected making money and I did. Even though it was chilly and rainy I still made over $100. I'm very pleased.

Also, I am watching (again) Michael Collins and it is remining me again why I love this movie so much and why I CANNOT wait until we go to Ireland this summer. My dreams of visiting my heritage is finally coming true: Joe and I are going to go to Poland and Ireland! I am SO excited. Now to just save up a bajillion dollars so I can go. Oh and get on getting a new passport. So much to do!

Also I want to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (another dream trip) this year so I can visit my dear lil Georgia Peach who just moved back there. What an amazing trip that will be as well, again, if I can save up a bajillion dollars :)

I am also too excited to go home for Christmas this year! First of all SNOW!!! I know I am a "weirdo" according to most, but I love snow and cold and winter. I cannot wait to play in the snow, wear scarves, snuggle up with my puppy, get cold chills in the wind, and enjoy the true wintery weather! Also I am dying to see my family (as always) but this year we get to also see my Pops' big ol' Polish side. And from my Ma's side my Aunt and Cousin are coming down for a gals' day on Monday the 28th! I'm just excited to be surrounded by those I love and who love me. What a wonderful holiday this is going to be. I hope yours is just as lovely and full of family, food, booze, and fun. :)

I am in the best mood despite the earlier part of this weekend starting with drama. It has progressed into a pretty lovely few days of work and fun. I saw Disney's The Princess and the frog, hung with my friend Kari (laundry night and the afore-mentioned movie), spent time with my honey, and actually got quite a bit of sleep. Work was good like I said, so all in all, pretty great!

I hope all is well in your worlds dear friends. I hope all your grey skies turn blue. And I hope you are having a spectacular holiday season!


  1. A trip to Ireland would be a dream come true for me. I'll have to live vicariously through you! :)

  2. I'll post too many pictures if/when we make it out there! It'll be just like you're there :)