Sunday, December 20, 2009

Adventures in Dog-sitting and other ramblings...

So as most people who know me discover, I am in love with dogs. It's true. I love them. I'm super allergic to cats and they're usually just too bratty for me. Whereas a drool-machine, hyper-active,snuggle puppy is the way to win my heart over in a second...

So we begin with my adventures. I volunteer straight away to any friend with a dog that I will dog-sit for them anytime (if I'm available). Because I love dogs and can't get enough. And I don't require pay I just do it because I love to. Now the friends I do dog-sit for are super generous and pay me anyway but I do it because I just love getting to spend time with a dog/dogs since I can't afford to care for one myself right now.

So I am sitting for two friends' german shepherd this week. They just got engaged and are visiting her family in Ohio and I jumped at some quality puppy time. He is a 1.5 years old GS who thinks he is still a puppy and has loads of energy and is an attention whore. Which I love. Seriously I really do. But this week has just been really hard on me. Every time I walk him, long walks with a hiking pack (as they're trying to train him to carry water for when they go hiking/camping) he still wants to go kick the soccer ball around for an hour or so. And this is before, and two to three times after I get done with, a 6 hour work day. It's just been very intense. And for some reason he has taken to whining all the time. I mean all the time. He's fed, peed, pooped, walked, played, is exhausted and laying on the floor to cool down, and he still wont stop whining. I'm giving him an all-out gusto belly-rub & still whining. I am just at my wit's end this week. I feel bad for not having more energy and patience but...I dunno. And I've NEVER said this about dog-sitting before, but I'm glad it'll be done tomorrow. I just need some quiet me time. And some rest! :) Although I have to say I have been loving all his puppy dreaming where he barks and runs whilst asleep, so freaking cute every single time!

In other news for some weird reason work gave me extra days off so I am going to try to get home on an earlier flight! How amazing that I might get an extra 1.5 days with my family and friends! I'm so excited to see everyone and spend some quality time. It is much needed. I just hope the prices aren't too high for switching!

I'm a little saddened, however, by the fact that I might not get to see my extended family on my father's side after desperately trying to work it out so we could go down to see them because my oldest brother is choosing, rather than come up and see me for Christmas (and I haven't seen him in about a year and a half), to stay down in Indiana with his crazy on-again-off-again girlfriend who attacked my sister about 2 years ago when she was wasted. I really just don't understand that. I'm trying to see it from his perspective but I'm a bit hurt. And bummed about possibly missing another opportunity to try to connect to my Polish side of the fam after only discovering they all existed two years ago. And as usual my mother's side of the family hasn't even tried to get in touch. It's been literally 17 years since I had a relationship with any of them (other than my mom's sister and her family). I just thought maybe this year would be different. I guess I just need to be the one to make it happen,or try anyway.

Also another big weird thing is this will be my first Christmas without a certain friend I've known for about 18 years. Due to a huge falling out caused be her rumor/lie-spreading about me and hurting my mother, and pissing off me, my sisters, and my father she is no longer welcome in our home or lives. Which is just weird and sad. I mean she was "part of the family" and now she's just gone. It's the right thing because what she did was horrible with a capital H but still it feels sort of off not planning things with her or talking to her, etc. I guess I just still have to learn to let go of people who are toxic. I always want to give people a million chances, especially when they don't deserve them. *sigh* Whatever, I'm trying to let it all go.

I think I'm just a little blue. I had a really intense acupuncture experience on Friday where he put a needle in and I just started crying, like hard sobbing crying, and it burned in my chest. It was so intense and crazy. And my acupuncturist just asked "What are you so sad about and you're holding in?" I just sobbed "I don't know but make it stop!" It was the strangest and weirdest experience I've ever had while trying this bit of pain management therapy. It has helped so much with the pain from my back but this was just so crazy and I think it released some sort of blue-ness in me that I'm working through. Maybe from all this old extended family stuff, and losing my friend of 18 years, and another friend just recently moved away...I don't know but I guess I need to work through it all.

Here's hoping that maybe getting home sooner for the holidays will brighten up my spirits. This time of year is my favorite! Really all of December is. The First is my birthday, then Christmahakwanzakkuh, then New Years. It's just the best! Hope all your holidays are amazing too :D


  1. We love our number one dog sitter :) Though Baily is a bit of a whiny butt!

  2. I still love Princess Baily though! I seriously want that #1 dog sitter tote bag, only I want the girl to have red hair (obviously).

  3. Happy holidays to you from Vermont! Here is hoping 2010 holds a little less friend drama for you - never a good thing.


  4. Thanks and I hope 2010 treats you and yours amazingly too! :D