Sunday, December 6, 2009

"It's given them time to match-up man-to-man..."

What a wonderful week! I just love. Love, LOVE everyone who made it so special! :D

So it started Monday 11/30 with Joe and I going to Geoffrey's Malibu for dinner. We had delicious Ahi Tuna Tartar, Moroccan Shrimp, Mussels, Day-Boat Scallops with foie-gras risotto, petit filet with potato and mushroom risotto with a bordelaise sauce, a bit of brioche bread pudding with bourbon caramel sauce, Joe had two glasses of wine, I had a raspberry lemon drop martini and a spicy bloody mary. It was so delicious and just great to celebrate our bdays!

Then Tuesday (12/1-my 25th), I went to Disneyland with my good friend from MSU, Blair. She and I had the best time! We rode the rides, took way too many pictures, and acted just like the little 8 year olds we are! It was too fantastic for words. My parents also sent me 25 pink roses! My dad bought my mom pink roses when I was born (since I was their first girl) and they wanted to buy me some to mark my 25th. Wasn't that the sweetest?! They're so gorgeous too! It was a fabulous day and so many people called to help make it more special. And as silly as it sounds it was so lovely for people to leave me lil FB messages too! Just so much love, it means so much to me!

Wednesday: I worked and then Joe made some stuffed mushroom appetizers and we headed over to a surprise party for a friend. We all had an amazing time eating, hanging out, and enjoying "Las Vegas" in LA. It was a great time and Joe got a little tipsy and made for a ridiculous ride home :)

Thursday: I went to physical therapy, acupuncture, and worked on my screen play with my new writing partner. We are making progress and I really think this disastrous thing that happened to me will make a hilarious movie that loads of ladies will be able to relate to. Then Joe and I ran up to Hollywood Blvd. to buy some costume pieces for him for our Prohibition themed Birthday party that night. We dashed home, got all glammed up, and headed over to Winstons in WeHo. So many people came out and got all dressed up with us. It was amazing and so much fun! Everyone just made our night so memorable and perfect! And then we headed over to Astroburger and munched down delicious veggie burgers :P

Friday: I stayed in bed watching Glee and soap operas til 2 and then went to work. Then Joe and I went to our friend's going away party. She's moving home to Georgia on the 10th. We're SO sad but it was nice to go out and hang out with her.

Saturday (12/5) was Joe's birthday! He is 27, such an old man! haha. We just bummed around in bed til 1:30 then made bagels and lox and cream cheese. Then we went to a friend's place and hung out for a few hours while she made a bday cake. She got us an ice cream maker for our bdays!! Isn't that the best gift ever?! Then we went to The Grove and shopped around there and The Farmers Market. Then we went to sushi for some late lunch. We rushed home and I got ready to go to a play with a friend and he did math. The play was HORRIBLE. Just very typical LA theatre-crap. It's so sad too. Just so many of them out here don't understand acting for theatre and how it is a VERY different approach than acting for film. It just motivated us to mount our own production of something. :) Then I came home and Joe and I snuggled in for some dessert and watching the movie Fallen.

Today has been pretty lazy too, I was sent home early from work, we're snuggled up in bed watching football, and then we're eating breakfast for dinner with our good friends the Ryersons. All in all it's been an AMAZING week. Such great food, drinks, parties, and most importantly friends and family! We are just so lucky to have so many people who love us and care about us as much as our friends and family do. They mean so much!

Hopefully this next week will continue to be just as amazing, although I don't know how it stands a chance ;0) Hope your week was just as amazing as mine!

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  1. I think that is the firs time I have seen someone refer to us as "The Ryersons" hmmm makes me feel OLD