Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Is it peas?! I feel sorry for the news caster, y'know. We can turn it off but that's their job..."

Ah good old Ellen comedy specials on HBO, just finished watching Janeane Garofalo too. So delightful.

I made it through the DMV in 2 hours today! Are you shocked? Me too, especially after the last trip that took me 6.5 hours and accomplished nothing. Although my lady was a BITCH. It was just sad. I mean everyone hates going to the DMV but I really try to stay positive and friendly there because I know that they hate their jobs. So I try to make it easier for them and smile and be nice but this woman was just rude and mean and angry. I did not enjoy her. And I was asking appropriate questions that had to do with my registration for the state of CA but she her attitude was heinous. Meh. What can you do? I still said thank you and smiled anyway. Take a little Midwest in your face beeeyotch! :)

So it was a pretty busy week last week. Work, Physical therapy, 2 days on set! That's right I was on-set for the season 2 finale of Party Down on Starz. So I chatted it up with Jane Lynch, Ken Marino, Michael Hitchcock, Megan Mullally. It was a good time. I made money and had a great time. It killed my back though. Damn standing on cement for 16 hours. Oy vey!

Also we puppy-sat for Kari's pits this weekend. They are so sweet! Snuggling with two big old pitbull girls at night is fun and hilarious. Then getting stood on top of at 7am is delightful. I really want to get my own puppy. Joe and I NEED a beagle puppy. NEED ONE! Okay, maybe I need the dog and Joe would be okay with it. But I really do need a little puppy to love and snuggle. *sigh* Puppies...

It was my good friend's b-day last night and her party is getting me geared up for mine next week. I am so excited to have a Prohibition themed party. It will be such a blast. I am sad that some people I thought would attend are not going to. Whatever. I am going to be happy and thankful for those who can. It's a celebration bitches! :D

Today was busy for me too. Started by going to PT and she didn't answer my calls or texts or knocking on her door. I have no idea what happened to her. So I waited 30 minutes and then left. I went to the bar where my office is to pick up documents. Ran to deposit my 3 checks. Ran to the other bar to drop off the docs from the first. Ran home to grab my car papers for the DMV. DMV. Then to Bevmo to pick up Jenn's b-day Framboise. Then back home to finish making Jenn's b-day coupons.

These coupons have reminded me how lovely it is to play with construction paper, crayola markers, and crayons. I love it! I am still such a little kid. I love playing with anything by Crayola and Sharpie. So delightful.

I'm am LOVING this Ellen special all over again. And it just keeps reminding me of watching it the first time with Benny. So good. Okay all, gear up for Thanksgiving and have a good holiday! I know we will. I work in the morning and then dinner and then Christmas movies!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! :D

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