Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"So I have to keep his ashes in my room..."

So I'm a sicky again. Fever of 101 today. It seems like every flight back to LA I get some sort of disease. It sucks. And after what was a risiculous week last week I am just pooped and sick and sweaty and gross. Ick.

So I think I'm really gonna get started on writing my tv show about my family and now I have a brilliant idea for a movie script. It might be the most hilarious thing ever but it certainly wasn't when I was experiencing it. I'm excited none the less.

I'm watching The Frighteners and it is still pretty funny and ridiculous. Oh Michael J.Fox and weird FBI guy. *sigh* So silly.

Back to sweating my butt off trying to break this fever-Hope all is well in your world friends.

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