Saturday, October 31, 2009

"But it's the pelvic thrust, that really drives you insaaaaaannnnnnnneee!"

So what could be more fun on Halloween than spending the night in bed? Okay, let's be honest kinda lame but I'm still sick so don't judge too harshly. I made the best of the situation. Joe had never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show so we watched that after he put on his costume (he was the doctor to my sick patient). I loved it as always, he kinda liked it, I explained most and did a few audience participation things along with the movie, this amused Joe the most. Good times were had by all:

Here some fun fall and Halloween-ish photos from my recent trip back to MI, enjoy!

Good fall, harvesty, Halloween-ish times! Hope yours was just as great. Now that Halloween is over it's just a big countdown to my birthday and Christmastime with the family. SO EXCITED! Let's be honest people, December is the BEST month!!

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