Tuesday, September 8, 2009

just thinking...

I saw two monarchs lazily and crazily chasing each other today
it made me miss that sort of lifestyle
that lifestyle of childhood
where you crazily chased around in earnest for hours
then slept lazily on the hammock for a few
only to run amuck once more until dark or dinner, whichever came first.

I saw two monarchs flitting about in patterns today
it made me wish I wasn't heading into work
carrying three heavy bags on my shoulders
trying to walk and stand correctly
remembering all the doctors and physical therapist have told me
wishing to dance and flit about as I please with no care for what the effects might be.

I saw two monarchs rise with the wind and glide with ease
it made me want to be freeof all responsibilities
feeling like you belong to a job or a chore or an errand
pretending to care about things you do just to get by
wanting to sink my toes in sand or swim a lake or climb a mountain or walk in a field of flowers.

I saw two monarchs todayand it made me think
why don't I do all those things anyway
play and chase and nap and climb and swim and dance
and I've got a feeling that I'm tired of putting everything else first
I'm going to let my inner child have a bit more fun and live their dreams, even if that means looking like a weirdo staring at two butterflies flying around a telephone pole.

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