Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunny With A Chance of Sentiment

Holy crap, it's been almost a year since I got married! It'll be eight years in February that we've been together. We've weathered a long distance 3 states apart year together, a cross country from Chicago/Michigan to California move, way too many years of being SUPER broke, years of my back failing, Joe working on his PhD for 5 years (SO glad this is the last year!), adopting 2 rescue pups that made our hearts explode with love and trouble, a "surgery-not-pregnancy-shotgun-wedding", a spine surgery where I thought I may die, a very unplanned pregnancy surprise, finding out I'm a carrier for Fragile X, testing me and our son a million times to find out he is also a carrier. After all that we are still together, loving each other, fighting for each other and our family, and still believing the other person is the MoneyPenny whilst we are the James Bond of the relationship (I'm clearly the alpha guys). I love this guy so much! He is the most amazing best friend, husband, partner, and dada out there. He just is.

We are having our Year Anniversary BBQ & Brunch back in Michigan for our family members & friends that couldn't make it out to L.A. for our actual wedding on 10/11/12. It's super casual and low key but I am really excited. I'm excited for Michigan fall, for being on a lake at a Lodge for the BBQ, for having loads of vegan options that will be delicious, for a pickle table, for pies for dessert, for the fire pit, for the Robert Cavalli dress I received as a wedding present to wear for the event from my L.A. "mom" (I feel like a princess in it!), for seeing family and friends, for apple cider, for apple butter, for fun, and for silly times! This is going to be a great anniversary and a great party with great people. I will walk around barefoot. I will breathe in all the fall I can. And I will celebrate the shit out of loving the guy who puts up with my craziness every damn day. I love him so much and can't wait to celebrate!

I'm pretty lucky in the family I've created. I love the crap out of these four dudes. Joe is the best person ever and makes me want to be a better person-he helped me find me and love me by loving him I also started to love myself the way he did (believe it or not this gal had some super low self-esteem and he helped me see that that was not okay). Colonel Mustard is my first baby and such a little snuggle bug-he taught me to be a mama for real. Zebbie is my little cutie bug full of spunk and smart as a whip-he taught me that having more than one "son" just means your heart expands to make room for everyone. And Grapefruit Baby-having you in my belly is a trip, I love you so much already baby boy, I cannot wait to hold you and smooch the crap out of you in January! I really love my little family and cannot wait to celebrate this little milestone with our extended brood that we consider to be our big family! Some of we're related to, some we're not but all mean the world to us! Get ready for loads of pictures of silliness y'all. It is guaranteed!

Have wonderful weeks dear Chickens!


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