Friday, February 8, 2013

Partly Sunny

When I returned back to L.A. it was all go, go, go with work and my internship and classes. There was also a bit of a crisis with a friend who is quite ill and wasn't getting any help. I basically spent my days working or going to either my internship or class and then to the hospital to see her. It was a really stressful couple of weeks.

Great news did happen though, I received a letter from my husband's insurance company and I was covered for the whole surgery on my back. Everything. I cried. I couldn't help it, I've been waiting 9 years for this and now it was going to happen. My insurance wouldn't cover it but Joe's would. It made moving the wedding up so worth it. Now I have a date set. March 4th [EDIT: just got word today that we have to move it back to March 5 as my surgeon has to testify in a court case as an expert witness]. I cannot wait. I am also scared shitless. I had to sign a release that basically covers me having nothing change, me becoming paralyzed, and me dying. So fun to sign that. I also got myself a health directive just in case. Also not fun to fill out. Not my favorite thing that is for sure. Here's what I want if I am incapable of making decisions or I die. Woohoo, every 28 year old's dream!

The positive is that I am moving towards being well, towards not being debilitated by my shitty back. I am so excited and hopeful and positive things will go amazingly. I just don't want to pretend the other stuff doesn't exist too. So I am preparing as best I can for the surgery. What helps is I no longer am working (not by my choice). This is great for prepping but also really scary because we have no income from me coming in and I can't go on disability quite yet. So I am going to try for unemployment to cover this month of me not working. I told you chickens LOTS has been going on with me.

Joe and I are trying to make everything work budget wise, prep for my surgery, and continue on with our normal lives. I'm trying to hang out with loads of people before surgery happens and organize some stuff to do whilst I'm slightly immobilized for 3 months. Joe and my 7 year anniversary is coming up on 2/12 (and on 2/11/13 we'll have been married for 4 months, time is flying) so I want to do something special but also FREE (no job remember). So I am working on ideas for that as well. So much to do so little time.

Well that's enough for now, take care dear chickens!


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