Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sunny With A Chance of My Triumphant Return!!!


Okay, so I wasn't really gone anywhere, but I was gone from you all and this blog. Loathe me, feel free, I'm sorry! I let a lot of things take over. Some AMAZING, some not so amazing.

Here is my life story these past 2 months:

-opening night was amazing!!! I had so much fun & was a huge nervous mess.
-2nd & 3rd nights of the show did not go so well for me due to some certain hiccups
-every night after those 2 of the show has been mostly amazing and I am enjoying playing on stage every single chance I get
-I LOVE BARBARA BAIN! I wish I could listen to her stories every single day. I am relishing every chance I get to work with her and am going to sign up to take her acting class. LOVE HER!
-I've submitted a press release to my hometown's local paper so hopefully they print about me and my show!
-I've made postcards to send out to fancy schmancy casting directors and agents so they learn my name and face.
-I am starting Improv 3 next week, 1 step closer to entering the Conservatory at 2nd City and becoming the next Tina Fey-deal with it. It's my dream and I do what I want.
-I am starting to rain with a for real trainer on Sunday to help me look like a major hottie at my sister's wedding in July and my wedding when it happens (most likely Feb. 12, 2014).
-I have been buying so many eco-friendly & conscious items that are vegan on Eco-Style, Ethical Ocean, 100% Pure, & Pure Citizen lately. I am in love with the quality, the ability to donate to amazing causes, and the fact that each item is safe for me & my family!
-My sister has super big and exciting news that is top secret! Can't wait to spill the beans although she and I hurt each others respective feelings when she told me. Her to me first and then me being in defense mode back to her. Why is it with sisters you immediately revert to your kid self and cannot talk as an adult when you're feelings are hurt? You just immediately do the kid thing and hurt their feeling back? It's a mystery I don't think I'll ever solve.
-Joe and I are going to be cleaning out our apartment and are going get rid of a bunch of stuff-garage sale anyone?
-I am going to be making a website for my actor stuff and just might make a new blog site if I can figure out how to do it all.
-I want to buy a Mac so I can use iWeb to design these sites & am looking into how I can afford that.
-I am going to be joining SAG soon-hooray union acting!!! :D
-I have discovered how crazy people can be and how horrible they can be. Admitting you made a mistake rather than throwing an innocent person under the bus to save face is WAY more adult and cool than the latter. The latter, in fact, makes people angry with you & lose any respect they had for you. Also lying is NOT cool. EVER.
-Joe and my heart was made even fuller when we took Colonel Mustard to The Amanda Foundation and let him pick out his new little brother. Zebulon "Zeb" Walton Sedrowski-Timmer is the new addition to our growing family. We love him SO much. He is a 16 week old Jack Russell-Beagle mix who looks way more Jack Russell than beagle, which is cool since Colonel looks more beagle than Jack Russell.
-TCM Film Festival was this weekend and I am SUPER BUMMED I missed it this year but I am already plotting for next year.
-I got a new phone, the iPhone 4S. It's cool though I hate that it is made by children in China who die making them and that Apple uses a crap ton of coal to produce their products. Can't some tech savvy person open a U.S. made electronic company that is eco-conscious? I'd buy from them, no matter the cost. Someone help me out with that!
-As I age I realize how awesome and wise my Pops was when he made us do stuff as a kid like only buy things made in the USA (working and living wages with labor laws versus paying cents a day for child labor) and growing food in a garden in our backyard or going to the Farmer's Market. And my folks joke I'm such a hippie now-HELLO! I got it from you guys! :D
-I am exhausted all the time but I kind of am loving it. Every day.
-I am super grateful for Joe & Colonel & Zeb! They were all napping on the couch yesterday and I started tearing up because I love them and our family so much!
-I am dying for Joe to finish his PhD so we can see what our next exciting adventure is! I am experiencing major wanderlust right now and am dying to go travel and live somewhere new-though I do love L.A.!

So that is about it! How are all of you doing out there in blog land? Did you miss me as much as I missed you?! If no just lie, if yes than be glad that I am back & going to be adding a crap ton of pictures ASAP showing you a lot of things I mentioned above! :D

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