Monday, January 9, 2012

Holy Crap!

HOLY CRAP! So many things to catch up on guys. Those weddings I went to, my & Joe's bdays, the holidays, I got engaged, work stuff, Colonel Mustard is turning 2, New Years Revolutions, SO MUCH!!!!


Did you see what I slipped in there? I bet you did. I GOT ENGAGED!!!!!! :D

I'm pretty excited about it in the sense that I love Joe & want to spend the rest of my life with him. I am not excited about all the crazy that can come with it though. So here are the details:

Well as Joe puts it: "Alex & I had a frank discussion, then on the 23rd I asked her Dad's permission & then we were engaged". The events are pretty true to that. Being the non-traditionalists that we are we had talked about "getting married one day" for quite a few years. Serious discussions of a sneak-attack guerrilla wedding at Disneyland started in the Fall of 2011 and by December we both decided ring or no ring it was time we let everyone know we were together for realz.

After we had discussed and decided to engage Joe began psyching himself up to talk to my Pops. I confirmed a million times that the worst thing that he would say would be "took you long enough". So we flew back to the tundra of Michigan to visit our families for the holidays. After a 3 hour delay in Denver we made it to my folks place on 12/22/11 at 6:45-ish A.M. There was a remark made by my mom about the two of secretly being married (details on the conversation are fuzzy as we were exhausted from being up all night). I said no we aren't married but...Joe gave me the panic eyes, I made excuses & we went to bed. The next morning Joe took some deep pump up breaths & walked into my Pop's office. The following conversation is completely verbatim (the notes in parentheses are what I was sensing from the kitchen as I listened to this unfold):

Joe (trying to hide his fear): Hey Larry, can I ask you a question?
Pops (whilst fiddling with the computer & various office items): Sure, what's up?
Joe (holy crap I have to ask!): Can I have your blessing to marry Alex?
Pops (completely shocked by this out of left field question): What? Uh... Sure, of course! Welcome aboard! (sounds of hugging)

I then popped her head in and said "Ta Da!" and hugged my Pops.

And then we pretty much shared with the rest of our families, then my extended family (we went up north that day for my mom's side big extended family get together), then close friends via text/phone calls, and then that night before bed we Facebook-ed it. YAY!

So there is a little update. I'll post more ASAP-I promise. I need to kick my own butt for not being on here enough. I apologize dear chickens. I hope you're still interested in reading about my silly life in La-La Land. :D


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