Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of an Audition!

I have an audition next Monday night-WOOT WOOT! I love having auditions. Especially when they are cold read auditions!!! I hate doing monologues, I do, I admit it. I feel lame & never very great at them. But boy oh boy do I rule at cold readings. You want off the cuff auditions then I am your girl & I will nail the shit of that baby! It's true, I will. So Monday I have an audition for MacBeth. Which I love.

I love the show. I love Shakespeare. I love that it's cold reading Shakespeare so they'll really be able to see if I can handle it or not. I love it all! I also love that it reminds me of MacBeth in college directed by this man right here:

Frank Rutledge-I miss you! "Creepy music, creepy music, creepy music-Kunzui! What the fuck are you doing?!" was this very show. It's where I met my college best friends (we were the Thane's Wives!). It's where my appreciation for Shakespeare began to grow into a love & obsession. It's the show that housed so many laughs within the green room (Ropera! quotes about licking your fingers after you poop, Bowman's nipple). It's a show that will always have a special little piece of my heart.

I am excited to audition for it once again & hopefully be apart of a production once again. I love me some Scottish Play! :D


  1. Yay for auditions! You are gonna rock it! I'll be thinking about you my friend!!