Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of Mad Men

Whilst I know this is not a TCM classic film I need to talk of my obsession with AMC's Mad Men! I just finished Season 4 on Netflix (seasons 1-4 are now all streaming!!!) and I am more than in love with the show, the characters, the costumes, the actors, the sets, the props, EVERYTHING!! It is pure magic!

Quick rundown of some of my fave things:

1) Joan (Holloway) Harris [Christina Hendricks]: I love Joan! Not just because she is a pale, curvy, red-head but because she is one tough broad who runs with the big boys by using what she's got. "Embodying the role of femme fatale,[3] Holloway is a "bold" and "sassy" character" is what wikipedia says about my gal & I agree. She realizes her "role" as prescribed by society & the men she works for/with but she pushes in her own way to be more. She continually makes me love her! Christina Hendricks is brilliant! LOVE LOVE LOVE JOANIE!!

2) Peggy Olson [Elisabeth Moss]: I love Peggy too, she has such a journey from mousey push-over secretary to eager to please to gain opportunities small time copy writer to take (more) charge, growing a voice for herself head copy writer! Elisabeth brings such heartfelt true raw emotion to Peggy and you really feel for this woman's struggles and triumphs. Wiki says "Peggy has an immense dislike of the double standard in regard to the vices of men and women and appears to be quite feminist in her views." and I love that she grew into that through her struggles to want and be more. Perfect!

3) Roger Cooper [John Slattery]: I have a soft spot for him simply for his boyish and rogue-ish ways but also for this specific quote: “I like redheads. Their mouths are like a drop of strawberry jam in a glass of milk.” How can a fiery-hued gal not go weak in the knees? I love John Slattery as an actor in general, he lends such a sense of humor to his roles and this is no exception. Roger is just fantastic, loyal, loving, funny, tempestuous, childish, a rogue! Heaven!

4) Don Draper [John Hamm]: "Despite his outward cynicism, Draper is portrayed as following a strict code of personal ethics, insisting on honesty, forthrightness and chivalry in his subordinates (if not always himself)." Don is the tragic hero of our story (brilliantly portrayed by John Hamm). You love to hate him, hate to love him! He is such a rich complex character. Every episode brings new depths to him, new hidden things that are revealed. Love his mystery!

5) the costumes: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes in this show, everything so purposefully put together, so detailed, so character appropriate. Every woman looks gorgeous every man debonair. The costumes on this show make me swoon. The care, precision, and complexity of each character's wardrobe is key to showing you who they are. You can tell quite a bit about a person based on what they wear. The costumers get it right every time and it makes my heart skip a beat!

There are oh so many more but I am off to bed to rest my back up for tomorrow! Take care and enjoy some Mad Men streaming on Netflix chickens!! :D

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