Friday, August 26, 2011

Stifling With a Chance of I Need a Break!

It is SO hot here in LA right now-blah. And it is only going to get hotter until after the first weeks of September. Oh fall I want you to be here stat.

Okay so Fabulous Things Friday! Here is my list:

-I got a much deserved raise (not exactly what I asked for but it's a start)!
-I had my first Pilates session since my back sucked the big one again. It feels good to be back working those muscles.
-I am determined to lose some more weight to help with my back. Vegan helped but I want to lose about 30-40 more pounds (yes I can lose that much and be in a healthy weight range-I carry weight pretty well cuz I'm 6' tall). And I have a plan for it so it will work.
-I am determined to get an agent, I am calling on the acting gods for help (& also my friends in the business) to hook a girl up.
-My sister got engaged and I will be her co-maid of honor (along with my other sister).
-I am realizing my oldest brother is one of my favorite people ever-such funny chats.
-My snuggle puppy at work. He brightens even the most stressful times in my day.
-My friends! They are just fabulous & I can always rely on them for support-even about silly things.
-Joe-he is my rock. I love him so much.
-Kind Kreme vegan ice cream brownie sundaes-MMMMMM!
-Remembering to breathe and be grateful. I am grateful!
-fresh dill-I LOVE this herb! So delicious to me :P
-being silly and whimsical-it always makes me feel fabulous
-oils made by one of my group members just for me! I wear it all the time and it smells so good! It contains sassafras (for healing[my back]), actor's friend (for luck in acting and to draw success in acting my way), pots of gold (to help conjure prosperity my way-I am broke y'all!), and Aphrodite (for helping to find self-love as well as attracting loving people to me). Isn't it the sweetest?! I love it & it is SO fabulous!

Well that is all I can think of right now. What is making you feel fabulous chickens? Let me know & share the love! :D

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