Friday, July 1, 2011

Stormy With A Chance of Super Sick...

Friends!!! Do not hate me for my lack of blogging-I needed a break from life but instead just took a break from my blog. I am super sick right now (thus the time to blog a little) & I have decided a few things:

1) I have been WAY too stressed out this year about my lack of funds from the wrecked car, to owing oodles in taxes, to the things I need to buy for the weddings I am in, my co-worker moving and me getting stuck with everything at work-it's all just been taking over my life. I'm so focused on how to scrimp & save & worrying about everything that I think my body caught the plague from stress and now I have nothing to show but a huge stress ball in my neck & shoulders and being out sick for 3 days.

2) The stress I have been collecting has been pulling me away from the things & people I love. The focus I have been giving all the things that stress me out are really making me lose sight of what keeps me sane and that HAS to stop! I need to remember what it's all about and I let myself get too wrapped up in the bed & lose sight of the good.

3) This blog allows me to have somewhere to focus on the things I love & thus I should do just that. As often as possible too. And so, without further plans for this blog!

-Colonel Mustard Mondays: where the little man and I talk all about his adventures for the past week. Photos should be necessary. He's too cute not to snap a few pics of right? I love my little guy so much & this is a great way to talk about him, dogs in general, and how he is part of our family!

-TCM Tuesdays: Turner Classic Movies is what really fueled my love and now extreme knowledge of classic films (I will take over your job Robert Osbourn, I will!!). So on Tuesdays I'll talk about one or two films that I have watched or that I love so that you too can expand your knowledge on the classics. After all, without the classics we wouldn't have film today (even if a lot of today's film is crap).

-Good for the World Wednesdays: Where I can share my love of living as green as possible. This includes my life as a vegan with some great recipes I have found or that my honey & I have made up to cure our munchies. It's been 3 years since I went green and 1 year since I went vegan and I am not looking back. These have been 2 of the most beneficial decisions I've made and now I can share some of my favorite things with you about it so maybe you can green up your life a little too! :)

-Theatre Thursdays: so here I am hoping to have a new audition or acting something to share with you all every week. This way I can keep myself motivated to be on it in this city of every other person is an actor and share some of the hilarity I experience here in La-La Land with you all. It should be fun for you & beneficial for me.

-Fabulous Things Friday: where I can discuss all the latest things I am obsessing about or want to try or whatever has been truly fabulous that week that I MUST share with you all!

This will leave my weekends open to fill up with more material for the week & give me 2 days of rest. I will try to be utterly faithful to this schedule. I am sure that there will be a few missed entries but I am hoping to stick true and create a more interesting way for you all to stay in touch with the crazy that is my life in LA with my pup & my bf (and be a beneficial & motivating experience for me)! So let's hope that this is all up to snuff & you all love it too!!! Stay tuned for the first entry tomorrow on Fabulous Things Friday! :D

x's & o's dear chickens!

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