Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Windy With a Chance of BBC America...

Oh friends-how I love BBC America-always have loved BBC but catching up on The Tudors is just a delightful part of my evening de-stress from work ritual now-a-days! Love!

Also-let's talk quickly about how sad I am 31 days of Oscar is done on TCM! I love it every year & am always saddened by the end of the month-good thing TCM always plays AMAZING movies all year. My friend Natalie and I have decided that my perfect job other than actress would be to take over as TCM Host & Historian from Robert Osbourne and that hers would be Lad Programmer-but she insists Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell would be played EVERY day so that people would learn to "LIVE LIVE LIVE"! Ha! It would be pretty brilliant if the two of us could pull that off though!

Oscars...glad that King's Speech swept so much but I was just bored by the ceremony. I think it just fell flat but I still had a delightful time! We went to one of the restaurants I work for-they had a red carpet, a photo booth (we took 2 sets of pics), they had prizes for who picked the most winners (I picked 12 out of 14 on their ballot & won-woot!), had delicious food (I had an all vegan meal while Joe & our pals ate their meaty hearts out), and tasty cocktails (mmm whiskey sours). It was a great time & a fun excuse to dress up and go out!

Now I'm off to snuggle with my little pup and nibble on some delicious mint chip Kind Kreme! :)

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