Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Oh friends! I took a break, sorry for not being here to say hello. Loads was going on (still is too!) but I missed you!

So quick rundown:

-we went to a Vegan beer fest that was SO much fun and full of tasty food & beer, pretty good music, portions of the proceeds went to ARME, and we had amazing company!
-lady is still in jail for identity theft-glad for that!
-Friendsgiving was AMAZING!!! Lizz and Sherm came to visit, we had a blast!
-my birthday tradition at Disneyland was AMAZING!!! Joe and I bought annual passes and had the most exquisite time. It was magical!
-Joe and my birthday party had an 80s Character Meet & Greet theme which turned out to be fantastic! Joe went as Marty McFly & I went as Jem (as in Jem & the Holograms). It was a blast!!
-Colonel Mustard is doing well and is taking on well to his more in-depth training. We love the little noodle!
-Joe and I have reinstated our Saturday Date Nights and we are falling in love all over again. Such magic :D
-I am going to be taking some new headshots and we're going to get some family shots done-maybe with a Clue theme...
-Joe and I are going to Disneyland again on Sunday!!! Silly I know but Joe and I have found our new fave place-ha!!
-We found an amazing drive-in movie theatre near town thanks to Kari & her hubs, we had a blast seeing a double feature for $8!
-Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows was a date night and we had super fun time, I liked the movie overall and was really surprised where they ended it. I just felt less for the characters, the books when Mad Eye dies I sobbed-movie I had nothin'...
-I have gotten to see so many of my dearest friends this past few months and it has been so refreshing for my soul-they are all the people who just fill me up and remind me how grateful I am for the wonderful people in my life. So much love for them!!!
-We are flying back to MI for the holidays with Colonel Mustard and I am slightly nervous and excited. I'm nervous that he wont do well with the flight but I'm excited for him to see snow and meet all of Joe and my families! Any flight advice for us, he'll be flying under the seats so I'm grateful for that but again, nervous.

And that has been pretty much been the haps, chaps! Hope you are all well, I will try to more on top of my blog-just been busy with all the craziness of life lately. but I'm glad to be back! :D


P.S. PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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