Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunny with a Chance of Rice a Roni...

We went to San Fran this weekend-our first real amount of time away from our little Colonel. He did pretty well with our favorite puppy-sitter Kari but he does have a few issues we are working on. Issue 1: he is very excited to meet other dogs then gets very hair on end/growly defensive when he sees they're bigger than he is. Issue 2: he humps. We are working on this tonight with my office mate T's lil puppy named Einstein. Colonel just wants to show his dominance to this new dog in this space but the thing is he is the new pup on the block and I don't want a Sir Humps-a-lot for a pup. So we're trying to socialize him and work these problems out.

Kari and T are being great about training with him and understanding it will be a low process for Colonel. He was a stray that we rescued from the ghetto pound near Compton. I mean he could be the first dog to be a member of both the bloods and the crips (little Boondocks joke for ya there) for all we know. We just think that from his first home to his stray status he didn't have very much socialization with pups so we're trying to ease him in. I'm just glad that the pups and their owners are being so patient with my little guy!

Now as for San Francisco, it is just delightful and charming! It was SO nice to see my friends Lizz, her fiancee Sherman, and my friend Benny who is on tour with Beauty and the Beast. We all just hung out, toured the city, saw where Lizz and Sherm work, I saw Benny in the play, Joe cooked for everyone, and took an amazing series of photos which I SUPER DUPER PROMISE FOR REAL to post as soon as I go over to Kari's house and get them off her camera since my camera died and I have stolen hers for a month and a half. That WILL happen this week.

It was really just such a rewarding weekend with old friends in a new place. I felt so refreshed and recharged and just happy to leave work crap behind and just put my life first (ah the resolution I've made in therapy-yay!). So it was super tough to leave my little man but I knew he was with the most capable person I know. And it was great to get away and have a mini break with Joe and our dear friends. Can't wait for our next San Fran trip when we can take Colonel Mustard with us so he can meet Lizz's dog Chevy Chase! :D

Hope all is well with you. Until the photos arrive I'll leave you with "It was Colonel Mustard, in the kitchen, with his teeth!" ;)

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