Monday, July 26, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Vegan Quesadillas & Mediterranean Salad

Sorry again for another little break from blogging, so many things have been happening! Loads of work, friends getting engaged, friends losing family members, friends getting married, getting ready to adopt our very own puppy, preparing to fly back to Michigan, just LOADS!!

So it's been a busy time at both jobs. I got back from camp and had tons to catch up on at both jobs. Then my co-worker at my newer job went a week-long vacation so that was very busy. We're still dealing with a lot at my older job with that pending court decision. Just loads had needed to be done at both places.

My dear friend Lizz from Betty Rockit: Domestically Challenged got engaged! YAY!!!!

Two of my friends lost their grandfathers, which I am just so sorry for their losses, it was good to talk with them about it and my Aunt and connect on that level.

A friend from high school got married! I am so happy for her and her new husband and their new journey together! Congrats!!!!

Joe and I are finally expanding our little family to include a puppy!! It's time, we feel it. So we are going to rescue a little guy or gal after we get back from Michigan!!!! We both wanted a beagle (since we grew up with them and know how much goes into their care and feel comfortable with their rigorous training needs). Joe wants a puppy specifically. We found a perfect little cutie but we need to meet her first. We'll see if she is meant to be our dog. I am just so excited to love a little pup! We have so much love to share with a rescue dog and I cannot wait!

We leave to visit our families back in Michigan next week. We fly out Friday night and arrive at 5 am Saturday morning. I am excited to go home to see everyone, to hang out with friends, to meet Joe's new nephew and cousin, to hang out by the lake, and to spend some quality time with the fams. But I am also nervous because I am trying to reconnect with my grandparents (whom I haven't had a relationship with since I was 8-long story). It is just a little awkward but I am glad to be trying to have a relationship with them. I am excited, but a little nervous/scared. Wish me luck!

I am also so happy that I got to hang with my dear friend tonight and eat delicious vegan food together. We had amazing Mediterranean salad (mixed greens, quinoa, tomatoes, kalamatta olives, cucumbers, sprouts, hummus, vinaigrette, and avocados) and seitan quesadillas (seitan, cashew cheese, green onions, pico de gallo, sprouts, cilantro "cream"), and we split a bottle of red wine. I also had a yerba matte (my new obsession). It was just so amazing and our waitress was a doll! I completely recommend Flore Vegan Restaurant if you're in or around Silverlake. So tasty. I love living in LA for restaurants like this!!!! And I loved catching up with my friend Blair! Great night.

We also had an amazing dinner "party" last night with friends at my boss' house while he was outta town. He needed someone to stay with his dog but ended up asking me and my bf AND another gal who works for him. So we ended up chatting and deciding to do dinner, then she invited a friend and I invited a friend. So it was a mini-party. Joe made crispy tofu and veggie stir-fry, chow mein with capellini noodles (so I could eat it too-no egg noodles), brown rice, white rice, king pao chicken and honey-garlic chicken (for the non vegans). It was a feast for kings! SO amazingly delicious and just fun. It has been a great weekend!

So I've been busy with loads more coming up but I am keeping up with all of you and PROMISE to post more frequently than I've been. I am so sorry to the 8 of y'all that read this-I <3 you!!! Hope all is well with you (from what I've read for the most part you're doing alrighty-YAY). Thinking about you all and hope things get a little sunshine-ier for everyone!


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