Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"It's a 'C' effort and here's why..."

Friends it has been a rough week.

Stressful work week, so much going on. New job is starting to come into a groove. Older job-we lost a manager and I am picking up almost all the slack. Which is A LOT.

Then Friday morning my Pop's sister, my Aunt Karen, died. Her liver, kidneys, and heart gave out. She had leukemia 15+ years ago. She's had health problem since due to a weakened immune system. But this was still very unexpected. It's been a lot. Thus my absence from blog-land. I was going to post oodles of puppy pics from my dog-sitting adventures but I just didn't feel up to anything this weekend. I haven't been sleeping well either. I'm just very exhausted.

I'll post pics soon from the pups adventures in sleeping ALL THE TIME ;) and post pics of the house we checked out to maybe rent. We'll see when it all goes up. I'm just trying to recover from all this stuff. It's my sister's 23rd b-day today (15th) and the 12 year anniversary of my cousin Brucie's car accident (6/16). It seems like yesterday my lil sis came home from the hospital and it seems like a minute ago my cousin (who was like my brother) passed away. This is just a tough week. A tough tough week...

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  1. sleeping all the time? are you sure you (or BC) didn't drug them?