Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Sweet like a drinka cherry cola..."

I refuse to believe the lyric should be "chica cherry cola" site I found from Google to verify the lyrics. You are a liar. That is all.

Now back to meeeeeeeee...I know you want to hear more about my life. And if you don't then why are you reading this blog? That would be weird...

So, I am on day 6 of vegan. It's still kinda strange but also kinda awesome. We've been eating really tasty food and Joe is trying them all with me (and eating meat when he's not with me-haha). Yesterday we made a very tasty miso soup for lunch from The Kind Diet and for dinner we had "Chorizo" Tacos. Both were super tasty and of course I chronicled the cooking adventures for you with my camera phone. You're welcome.

I called my grandmother, which is actually a pretty big deal for me since we haven't really had a relationship since I was 8 but my grandpa just had a stroke so I though I should, and it went really well. Like, really REALLY well. Which was great. But also not what I expected. But I'm glad. And she was SO crazy supportive of me trying to "make it" as an actor which was refreshing and off-putting because I am not used to people in my family really getting it. I mean they support me but it's always with a "you should have a back-up plan Alex". And she just said "I think it's great that you are going for your dreams and I knew when you were little and could quote every tape we owned back that you would do something with it, good for you!". Crazy right? But it was really nice. Hopefully it's the start of a reconnection for me and them.

New job is going pretty well, lots of learning the ropes. I'm excited for it all to really get going! And I got to try the vegan pizza at one of the restaurants and it was super tasty!!

Hope all is well with you guys too! I'm still beaming from my gbf's engagement (even though he is terrible at returning phone calls so I can't get all the deets)! I am just so damned happy for him and his guy!!

Oh I forgot to mention, I started my raw foods cleanse box my boss at my old good job gave me yesterday. The morning packet is fine, the capsules to take before breakfast and lunch are great, the dinner drink mix is HORRID. But all in all day two is sailing along smoothly.

And currently Joe and I are making a yummy looking lentil stew from The Kind Diet. I'm watching The Bonnie Hunt Show which I love and am so sad is canceled. It's shaping up to be a great night!

What a weird post! Sorry but y'all know me, that's how I roll. :D
Take care!

Next post will be all my and Joe's cooking pics!!! Read on peeps! :)

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