Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Okay Quagmire, time to take off your training wheels!"

Inspired by my friend Casey's blog: Classy--The Casey Nicole Wright Story

Results from Why Him? Why Her?:

Alex..., you are a "negotiator/explorer" You see the big picture. You easily take the broad, long view of almost any topic. You are comfortable juggling myriad facts. You tend to synthesize material easily and think in webs of factors, not straight lines. You are imaginative and enjoy ideas.

About Your Personality Type:
You are also socially savvy. You are good at both talking and listening. And you generally read people's faces, body postures and tone of voice accurately, so you often intuitively understand what people want and need.

You are also highly compassionate. You care deeply about others. So you are inclined to make personal sacrifices to be a supportive friend and colleague. And you are idealistic and altruistic; you like to work to improve the world.

And you have an adventurous side; you enjoy new ideas and novel experiences and you want to share these with an enthusiastic partner. But you are particularly fond of people who are direct, decisive, focused and tough-minded, people who complement your more flexible, agreeable and affable style. Sees the big picture

Explorer Primary Traits:
Verbal skills

Explorer Secondary Traits:
Novelty seeking
Impulsive and spontaneous

In Love and Relationships:
As a Negotiator, you seek a spiritual, life long connection to a "true love". But you don't want someone who is emotionally dependent. You admire people who need a good deal of autonomy. Marriage is important to you; but the social pledge of matrimony is far less sacred than the personal commitment you privately make to your beloved. You avoid conflict and strive for harmony in your primary relationship. So you express your love regularly-with hugs, thoughtful presents, romantic weekends or by creating other special times together. And you want a mate who is daring, playful and adventurous, yet one who will balance you-someone who is calm, decisive, strong-willed, focused and supportive of your enthusiastic, caring and imaginative spirit.

Relating to Others:
You dislike conflict. You seek "win-win" solutions. You are good at sharing power and ideas. And you are a master at the art of intimacy-building deep and exciting relationships with others. Nevertheless, you often enjoy solitude or intense interactions with just one individual or a few close friends. And you particularly enjoy people who like to play with abstract theories and ideas, provide insights, search for symbolic meanings in life and relationships and have a broad interest in the world.

Things to Be Aware Of:
Because you can see so many angles to an issue or decision, you can be indecisive.
Your need to please can turn to placating and your trusting nature can make you gullible.
When you feel betrayed you can be unforgiving and hold a grudge too long.

Spark Factor:
You tend to naturally gravitate to DIRECTOR/explorers.

Words Negotiators use to describe themselves (unconsciously): empathetic/empathy, read/reader, learning/learn, Passion/passionate, sensitive, kind/kindness, sweet, random, heart, real

Words Explorers use to describe themselves: fun, energy, adventure, new, active, passion, outgoing, traveling, spontaneity/spontaneous

What are you?

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