Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Super Bowl/Puppy Bowl Day! YAY! Hope yours were fabulous and you had loads of fun and food.

I spent the day sleeping until 2pm as I couldn't fall asleep last night from insomnia. Then we went over to Kari's, from My Life With Dogs, and watched the games, ate delicious chicken parm sandwiches she made (as well as home-made guac and ranch dip), and drank some delicious coronas. And of course petted and snuggled some puppies! It was a great evening.

And the Saints won! YAY! I'm so happy for New Orleans! And great Doritos and Google commercials today. Those were my faves by far. Not too shabby.

Now to work doubles everyday this week. I am sure I'll be a bit behind with posting this week but what can you do? I'm even working on my bf and my 4 year Anniversary. At least we'll have dinner together that day. I can't even believe we've been together four whole years. It's been a journey but we are still going strong and love each other so much. Hopefully we more fully celebrate once this week is done. That's the tough part of having an anniversary this close to Valentine's Day. Ah well.

Hope your weeks are lovely and full of love and cute homemade Valentine's. :)

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  1. we had tons of fun last night! boo on doubles but yay for the money :)