Monday, January 25, 2010

"Okay...let's go dig up your uncle."

So Kari from My Life With Dogs is back from Alaska and back to her pups and we are so happy she's back! But I must confess: I miss snuggling with the pups. It was a fun week. But Joe and I are glad to be back in our Cali King Size Tempur-pedic! I love that bed.

Lots of work this week, trying to make some money to pay all these bills, bills, bills. And hoping to find a few auditions for this week too. Oh and Joe and I are going to really start trying to put away money for our Ireland/Poland trip and trying to rescue a puppy. We want to travel and then start our own little pack.

Hope you are all having a lovely week and here is a little something to make you smile from dog sitting this past week. :D


  1. so happy to be back :) the pups sure do miss you guys though!

  2. dogs spooning dogs??? does it get any better than that?