Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So here's the deal...

I'm a little down in the dumps about cash right now. I'm so super broke and going into debt due to all the business with my back. My parents are helping me out so much but I feel so financially constricted right now it's stressing me out big time. Is it wrong to wish for a sugar daddy to make it all better? Because I really do. But I want him to look like this:

not this:

I just feel like I need a bit of magic to help me here. Like a fairy godmother could come and make me get an amazingly well paid acting gig where I can get picked up by a fabulous agent and manager and then get famous and rich and be super talented awesome and win my Oscar. Is that really too much to ask?

I don't think it is.

I don't know what else I can do but try to let it not get me down. But it's just worrisome. I'm doing alright otherwise. I'm just longing to be able to travel to Europe this summer. My sister and I are trying to plan an amazing trip and I need to save money for it BUT with all the aforementioned not having it it's kinda stressing me even more because I am dying to go on this trip. We wanna do 2 weeks here:

and 2 weeks here:

How sweet would that be, right? I'm just going to keep plugging away. I just need to get more determined about getting myself an agent and getting my shit together. That way one day I will be able to pay off all my debt, pay back my parents, buy my castle in Ireland, save a million stray puppies, fund every charity ever, travel everywhere ever, eat delicious food and drink delicious spirits, and win me one of these bad boys:

One day...One day...

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