Monday, March 2, 2009

Fuck you 2009

2009 can blow it out it's ass.
This year is full of shit already.
My mom called me in the middle of a script/bookstore and told me my brother lost his baby.
I feel like shit.
I can't call because I'm crying so hard and know they'll be crying which makes me cry harder about them losing this baby.
I feel like shit for being so shitty and concerned when I found out they were having a baby in the first place.
I don't care if everything happens for a reason, this reason blows a fat nut.
I hate 2009.
I hate crying so much this year.
I fucking hate it. so mad...and sad...and hurt...I just feel like total shit and don't know what to say or do or anything...
I am a horrible person.
I feel so awful for them, I love my brother and his gf so much. I was loving this little baby too. I had already started planning little things to buy and do and...
FUCK YOU 2009!

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